As well as "Billy" and "Tilly", we also have one Regent class model lovingly known as "Milly". Dating from the 1940s, the Regent is very similar to the Beauford Sedanca de Ville and utilises the same combination of elegant design and the striking metallic navy blue and silver colour scheme with the addition of beautiful white-wall tyres and shiny chrome wheels to make for a truly unforgettable sight that is likely to stun anyone lucky enough to see it. If you want a car that will make your special day that little bit more special than you could ever have envisaged and if you want a car that will transport you to a bygone era-the Regent is most definitely the car for you.

Our inimitable Regent is fitted with a rear landaulette roof that can be lowered or raised at the drop of a hat. So whether it's a lovely warm sunny day or a day to wrap up, you can be sure that you’ll arrive at each location looking and feeling the same as when you first left your destination. The roof can also be moved to whichever position you prefer to give you the best possible photographs after the ceremony itself. The Regent comes complete with luggage boxes attached to the rear of the vehicle to enable you to carry any items you may need throughout the day. Naturally we dress the Regent to your taste ensuring this wedding car becomes an accent of the bride's beauty.

The Regent also provides great comfort and luxury. Furnished with fine cream leather upholstery and navy blue carpeting, you can be certain that your journey will be utterly glorious and extremely comfortable. Milly has lovingly catered for weddings in Wigan, Leigh, Bolton, St. Helens and Warrington. A Regent is the ideal choice for brides wishing to be accompanied on their journey by her ladies-in-waiting whilst providing ample space for her dress.